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Since 1992 we’ve owned and operated dive boats. The 45 foot45 foot Cape Ann Divers Boat Cape Ann Diver II (Image to the right) and the 31 foot Cape Ann Diver (Image just below and left) take groups of 2 - 14 divers to New England's off-shore dive sites. Each has heated cabins, walk-through sterns, and stable ladders. The "Diver II" has a bathroom and a hot shower on deck. Our Captain and crew will give you great site descriptions, however; they will not be entering the water with you.  To guarantee a dive buddy, you need to bring one on the charter.
31 foot JC Cape Ann Diver

How do I get on one of your boats?  Just check our boat schedule,
if something looks interesting give us a call and we can add you to the boat charter.  If you see a date and time with nothing listed, that means the boat is available, all we need to two divers to start a trip.  The first pair of divers to make a reservation can choose the two dive sites!  If you are not that familiar with the area scroll down for some descriptions or call us and we will be happy to help you choose one of our unique dive sites, of course final site destination is up to the Captain's discretion. Destinations change daily, so call us at (978) 281-8082 for the most up-to-date schedule, or click here!

Reservations are made by full pre-payment that is non refundable. If you cancel your reservation you forfeit the full payment. If our captain cancels the trip, we issue a full refund. Cancellations by our Captain are made on the day of the charter, one hour before sailing time. We cannot guarantee dive sites, alternate dive site selection does not constitute a cancellation or a refund. You’ll meet at our store 1 hour before sailing to fill out a waiver, present a certification card and get directions to our boats. Please be at the marina 1/2 hour before sailing time, fully loaded 15 minutes before departure time. Our boats sail on time.

Please call (978) 281-8082 for reservations.

Sorry we cannot accept e-mail reservations.

Prerequisite for all of our boat dives;
a) Previous cold water experience.
(Diving in water cooler than 60 degrees, and wearing a full 7 mm wetsuit with hood, boots and gloves.)

b) A logged dive in the past 12 months.



8 am & 1 pm
May – October

11 am
November – April


10 am
July - August

No trip
September - June


January - December


10 am
June - August

September - May


10 am
June - August

September - May


8 am
June - August

September - May


8 am & 1 pm
May – October

11 am
November – April


Half Day Trip

$80 per diver
2 dives, 4 hours

Special Trip
see schedule

$114 per diver
2 or 3 dives
6 – 8 hours

The charter fees do not include equipment.
Tanks and weight are NOT included in the charter fee.
For a list of rental prices click here. Dive Store

Diver's preparing for giant stride off the boat
Dive Sites
Here is a partial list of the dive sites we visit during our half-day trips. Please note: this is only a partial list, and we have many other sites as well.




Boo Hoo Ledge

15 - 70

Nice ledge drop off.

Braces Cove

0 - 35

Boulder bottom, lots of lobster.

Breakwater: Rockport

0 - 60

Gobs of anemones, giant granite blocks.

Burnham Rocks

55 – 130

Humungous rock, with all kinds of cracks to explore, Tons of unusual inverts.

Egg Rock

0 - 65

Island w/cavern, overhangs, gorgeous.

Folly Point (West)

0 - 65

Shear wall, over hangs, crevices, Cod.

Folly Wall (East)

0 - 45

Man made wall w/lots of life.

Garden Pinnacle

15 - 60

Pinnacle, drop offs, flounder, pretty.

Half Way Rock

0 - 100

Wall dive, lots of invertebrates.

Halibut Point

0 - 60

Giant shelves, pink rocks, beautiful!

Hoop Pole Cove

0 - 35

Big boulders, clear water, lots of Bass.

Kettle Island

0 - 45

Beautiful lots of fish & invertebrates.

Lobster & Lobster

0 - 35

Captain will pick the best two dive sites for lobstering based on the day’s weather and latest catches.

Oak Rock

10 – 45

Cool granite pinnacle near Thacher Island.

Paddock Rock

0 - 80

Pinnacle, dramatic drop offs, trenches.

Picket Ledge

20 - 80

Granite ledge

S & M

0 - 35

Good floundering & lobstering.

Saddle Rock

0 - 35

Channels in granite with anemones.

Salt Rock

0 - 35

Gorgeous, lots of light and life.

Salvages - Dry

0 - 45

Rock reef, Harbor Seals Oct - May .

Salvages - Little


Rock reef, Harbor Seals Oct - May.

**Saturday Night Ledge (SNL)

80 - 130

Huge cracks to explore. Amazing invertebrate life.

Thacher Island


Many sites on island, good lobstering.

Wreck: Chelsea
Oil tanker


Bow ½ of tanker, somewhat intact.

Wreck: Haight
Liberty ship


Great wreck, over 100’ of ship’s bow.

Wreck: Nina T
Fishing boat

80 - 100

Wooden fishing trawler broken up.

Wreck: Chester Poling
Oil tanker

75 -100

Stern ½ of tanker, upright, & lovely.

Wreck: Racketeer
Fishing boat

0 - 45

Ran aground on pretty rock reef.

Wreck: Romance
Passenger steamer

55 –85

Huge boilers covered with anemones.

Wreck: USS NH

0 - 35

Historic site: wreckage well broken up.

Special Trips
It's summer so why not blow off work and dive? It's as easy as playing hooky from school. We've got all day trips planned for this season. There's nothing better than spending the day on the water. Get yourself out of the cube for an excellent day on the water!

Three Wrecks (3 Dives)** $114
Diver's on the Chester Poling

Spend all day diving 3 of Cape Ann's most popular wrecks. First, you'll dive the stern half of the Chester A. Poling (resting at 100'), then the bow of the Chelsea sitting in 70' is the 2nd dive. After the Chelsea we pull into Rockport Harbor where you can get get off the boat and have lunch at any one of the great restaurants downtown. After lunch you'll get back on board for a short ride out to the remains of the liberty ship Charles Haight which lie in 45', with over 100' of wreckage to explore. After your third dive we'll take you on a leisurely cruise the rest of the way around Cape Ann, and down the scenic Annisquam river back to the dock.

Wreck: The Pinthis ( 2 dives) $114
The Pinthis is a small coastal tanker that was rammed and sank upside down East of Scicuate, MA. The hull of of the boat is covered with a field of frilled anemones. 
**Saturday Night Ledge  
This is a unique rock formation off of Gloucester’s coast.  The mooring is attached to a boulder in 80 feet of water, channels and grooves 3 foot to 15 foot deep radiate all around.  Maximum depth is about 130’, shallowest point is about 80 feet.  Spiny sun stars (starfish) up  to 7” , unusual Badge stars and Basket Stars are some of the inhabitants.  Spiny dogfish school there in the summer months.  Navigation back to the mooring is very important, for this reason you’ll need pre approval to join us on this dive.  Next time you’re out with us on charter ask the Captain to observe you, if they think you’re a candidate for SNL have them call the store so we can add the designation to your customer card.
The Romance
The Romance was a 245 foot long steel excursion steamer on a return trip to Boston from Provincetown on September 9, 1936, when it became engulfed in fog and was nearly sheared in half by another boat. It sank in 85’ of water. ( From “New England’s Legacy of Shipwrecks” by Henry Keats)  The boilers are still intact and are encased by anemones.  The bow is somewhat intact and wreckage is scattered along the bottom.

**Please Note: Some Dives Require an Advanced Certification!
We require advanced certification (NAUI Advanced, PADI Advanced Open water, or other agency equivalent) on dives where your only option is to go deeper than 60 feet. You may dive at sites that are deeper than 60 feet without the advanced certification if there is an option for you to stay shallower. Sites like Paddock Rock- which are as deep as 80 feet- are not considered advanced because you can stay as shallow as 15 feet. Only a few of the many dive sites we go to have the restriction. They are: Chester A. Poling, Nina T, Chelsea, Scalloping, 1/2 way rock, and Burnham Rock.  We cannot make exceptions to this requirement, unless you are diving with your instructor who has a current insurance policy and signs your boat waiver.




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